• Can I run Android apps?

    On the Level 50, yes!

  • How easy will it be for me to switch from Android or iOS to the Cosmic’s phones?

    As easy as it could be 😉

  • Can I transfer my photos, files, downloads from Android or iOS to the Cosmic’s phones?

    Yes, you will be able to use the phone as a storage device, that can show up on your computer by
    just plugging in the USB cable and viewing the folders. This will allow you to import or export
    files, photos, and documents, with ease. With the Cosmic’s phones, there is no proprietary software that
    locks your files into proprietary formats, allowing easy sharing of the content you want to share.

  • Will I be able to communicate from my Cosmic’s phones to other phones?

    Yes, you will be able to make regular unencrypted phone calls to any phone number. You will also
    be able to communicate securely by using the phone dialing application and messaging application,
    that can run on the Cosmic’s phones, Android-based phones, and iOS-based phones, and any
    computing device.

  • Will communicating from my Cosmic’s phones to other phones compromise my privacy or security?

    The Cosmic’s phones will be the most secure when communicating with another Cosmic’s phones,
    communicating via an encrypted app on a Cosmic’s phones to an Android or iOS encrypted app is
    the second-best option available.

  • Will my existing SIM card work? What countries and networks will be supported?

    The Cosmic’s phones is an open network phone, not locked to any particular network.
    Using frequencycheck.com, you can find your carrier under your country to see which bands are
    supported by them. However, keep in mind that not all of these bands may be available in your area.
    Note that some carriers do not allow devices on their networks unless devices are approved by

  • Will the phone receive updates after launch?

    Yes, regular security and performance updates.

  • Will Twitter, My Bank, etc. work on a Cosmic’s phones?

    Yes, any web-based app will work through the browser. Over time these sites will either use
    progressive web applications, or could have a native app.

  • What apps will be available?

    All android app, + open source app that we recommended

  • Can I remove the battery and replace it?


  • Will the phone have a fingerprint reader, or other biometric access?

    Yes, on the main button

  • Will the phone have dual SIM capability?


  • Will the phone have NFC technology?


  • Will the phone support 5G networks?

    No, maybe the next Gen.

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