Why do you need my IBAN?

To be able to pay you any dividends.

When can I invest?

From now on.

When will I receive a confirmation of my payment?

You will receive a confirmation email within 48 to 72 hours after the payment has been made.

Until when can I invest?

Wednesday, December 21 2022

How do I make my investment?

Simply fill out the form on the “checkout” page of our site and make the payment.

When will I receive my certificates?

By the end of December, perhaps with a little Christmas surprise.

Can The Cosmic Dolphins LTD decide to reinvest all profits in the company and not distribute dividends?

Yes, each year the general meeting of the company’s shareholders will decide what to do: pay a dividend or reinvest the profit to increase the company’s value. In both cases, you win.

How will dividends be distributed?

Any dividends will be paid in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in CHF and to the IBAN account indicated by the participant.

Where can I find the participation agreement?

The participation agreement will be available on our website: cosmicdolphins.ch

Can you take shares in someone’s name and offer them afterwards?

Yes, of course! You just have to put the name of the person in the certificates.

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