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The Cosmic Dolphins SA
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Participation certificates
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The Whole World

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Why are we doing this?

We are at a key moment in our development, we have produced the first Swiss smartphone, secure and privacy oriented. It's time for us to share what we do with our community and, together, to grow and flourish.

What are the benefits for us?

A startup needs funds to expand the team, increase the productivity and develop innovative solutions. We are launching a smartphone worthy of Swiss quality standards.

What are the benefits for you?

If we make money, you make money. It's called a win-win. Your investment at this stage of the company's development can be very fruitful. You will receive a share of the dividends when they are distributed. You also have the possibility to resell your certificates at any time to anyone who wants to buy them. Imagine if you had bought shares in Apple during their first year, the value of your investment would have been multiplied by about 1 million.



  • Who is behind the offer?

    The Cosmic Dolphins LTD is the issuer of the participation certificates that are offered to investors via the website

  • Why raise funds from the community?

    We, The Cosmic Dolphins LTD wish to share the success of our company with as many people as possible by allowing families, friends and internet users to invest in the project and to grow: succeed together.

  • What is a participation certificate?

    A participation certificate offers the same property rights as a share (e.g. right to a dividend). However, unlike shares, participation certificates do not offer any social rights (e.g. voting rights). The Cosmic Dolphins LTD has chosen this solution in order to facilitate the governance of the company and to limit the legal constraints caused by the high number of people involved in the project.

  • How is the price of the participation certificates set?

    The price of the participation certificates has been fixed by The Cosmic Dolphins LTD according to the value of the company’s shares at the time of the fund raising.

  • Who can benefit from the offer?

    All natural persons of legal age, as well as legal entities. The Cosmic Dolphins LTD reserves the right to modify the eligibility criteria at any time and without prior notice. The Cosmic Dolphins LTD is free to refuse any investor, without having to indicate the reasons.

  • Can I invest more than the proposed amounts?

    Yes, the minimum amount to enter is CHF500, which corresponds to 20 participation certificates, however, you are free and even encouraged to buy as many certificates as you wish.

  • What do I get for my investment?

    The profitability of the investment will depend on the future results of The Cosmic Dolphins LTD Although no guarantee can be given by The Cosmic Dolphins LTD in this respect, especially considering the inherent randomness of any company, our company is young (~1 year)… It’s a bit like investing in Apple during its first year.

  • Who else has invested in The Cosmic Dolphins LTD?

    We already have a group of investors who believed in the project and made it happen.

  • Can I change my mind, give up investing and get my money back?

    No. Once the payment has been made, it is unfortunately no longer possible to go back on your commitment.

  • What rights does this investment give me?

    By investing in The Cosmic Dolphins LTD you will become a holder of participation certificates. In other words, you will benefit from the same patrimonial rights as a shareholder, without however benefiting from the social rights. For example, you can receive a dividend, the proceeds of a possible liquidation or try to sell your participation certificates to make a profit, provided that you comply with the general sales conditions of the participation agreement.

  • Will I get my money back?

    Once your money is invested, you will become a holder of participation certificates of The Cosmic Dolphins LTD Your money will remain invested for as long as you hold these warrants. In exchange for your investment, you will be entitled, in particular, to possible dividends. You will only be able to recover the invested capital if you sell your participation certificates in accordance with the general terms of sale and the terms of the participation agreement. In the future, if the company is listed on the stock exchange (the value of your participation certificates will be at least x100), you will have certificates at the stock exchange value and it will be even easier to sell them.

  • Will I be taxed on my investment?

    The purchase, holding and sale of participation certificates have tax implications for which we refer you to the competent authority or to your advisor.

  • What risks are I exposed to ?

    The Cosmic Dolphins LTD has almost 30 employees and we are doing our best to grow and prosper. However, as the future is full of everything and nothing at the same time, nothing can be guaranteed by The Cosmic Dolphins LTD except that we will have a beautiful journey together.

  • Will the value of my participation certificates change?

    This will depend on the success of the project. No guarantee can be given, but The Cosmic Dolphins LTD has the ambition to do great things and to become “the new Apple”.

  • And if The Cosmic Dolphins LTD doesn't work, do I lose my money?

    This is a risk that cannot be excluded.

  • Can you take shares in someone's name and offer them afterwards?

    Yes, of course! You just have to put the name of the person in the certificates.

  • Where can I find the participation agreement?

    The participation agreement will be available on our website:

  • How will dividends be distributed?

    Any dividends will be paid in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in CHF and to the IBAN account indicated by the participant.

  • Can The Cosmic Dolphins LTD decide to reinvest all profits in the company and not distribute dividends?

    Yes, each year the general meeting of the company’s shareholders will decide what to do: pay a dividend or reinvest the profit to increase the company’s value. In both cases, you win.

  • When will I receive my certificates?

    By the end of December, perhaps with a little Christmas surprise.

  • How do I make my investment?

    Simply fill out the form on the “checkout” page of our site and make the payment.

  • Until when can I invest?

    Wednesday, December 21 2022

  • Why do you need my IBAN?

    To be able to pay you any dividends.

  • When can I invest?

    From now on.

  • When will I receive a confirmation of my payment?

    You will receive a confirmation email within 48 to 72 hours after the payment has been made.

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