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4G / Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / NFC
Screen size
6Gb / 128 Gb
166 x 77 x 8 mm
Double SIM, Front Camera, USB-C
4680 mAh
2 years

LvL 90 : The One


Only the apps you need are preinstalled for you! Customize while buying.


Where the h*** are you?

Your phone has an Ultimate Fighter setting that makes you completely invisible, anonymous this is an untraceable phone surfing in the net. Wait what?! Seriously? Yeah, you can’t messed up with this phone! Your cloud will be anonymous. Your emails, chats, storage, calendar and contacts will be invisible making you invisible and untrackable for the world. Most Secure Smartphone, Best Privacy Phone, Encrypted Phone, Untraceable Phone, Open-Source, what esle?


Turn them off. For real.

The most secure smartphone. You have the possibility to switch off the microphone, the GPS, the camera and the network card by a simple click.
No more app will be able to access it.
When you click on the red button of the remote, it turns your TV in sleep mode, when you plug off the power cable, you turn it off.
With this functionality, you can turn off your hardware in depth to gain a full control on your smartphone.


Protected, even against yourself.

The system is fortified. It means that you won’t be able to install everything you want. Hackers neither. Even if you open a malware, it couldn’t be executed. Most secure smartphone does this.


Selected apps, nothing else.

The phone comes with a bundle of app. Nothing else. It will allow you to access our selected cloud solutions, sending email, messages and checking your calendar.
But everything is encrypted and sealed. Even if your phone is stolen, data won’t be accessible.


This message will self-destruct in five seconds….

You can set your OS to self destruct following some conditions. If your phone gets in a wrong perimeter, or if your PIN is entered wrong. Boom! Data are destroyed.
This ultimate flex will disable anybody from accessing the already encrypted memory. That’s why you need an encrypted Phone, an untraceable phone, the ultimate device.


Pickpocket unfriendly.

If the phone is ripped out of your hands, it can lock, send an alarm, or emit an awful sound. Or even self-destruct its data. You choose.
It is also a good way to terrify your children.


CosmicOS LvL 90


Made for you only

You are at the centre of the design, not your data. We don’t collect any data ! Never!
We also added features to avoid other apps collecting your private information.
Because we believe that you are not the product but the future of humanity.

MagicBundle Personnalized

You are not alone

We prepared a special magical app bundle just for you. Instead of the usual advertisement oriented package you receive with your new phone, we only pre-install some very useful safe and selected apps to help you in your everyday journey to a safer digital life.
For example, we recommend app for storing your password or doing the double authentication, or simply a powerful and privacy oriented email client.
These app are light, highly compatible, safe and privacy oriented like everything should be.


No backdoor, no leak, no flaw. We purified the system to make it faster, lighter and greater. Your battery will last longer and the lifespan of the phone is extended.
We made no concession for your safety and your freedom.

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