The Cosmic Dolphins

The Cosmic Dolphins Corporation is based in Switzerland where neutrality allows us to provide better privacy and security-oriented solutions. Switzerland is known for its cybersecurity services and community and its special ecosystem and law environment…


We’ve founded the company because after the Whatsapp Privacy scandal in January 2021, we decided it was enough and we had to step in to provide the users with real solutions. We felt the call to action, left our previous jobs to start this incredible journey.


We are based on strong values, they give us the strength to continue the fight to bring back the internet to the users as its founders designed it. We deeply think that free speech and free access to information are the basic rights that should be protected. And we will continue to fight for it as long as the big internet sharks continue mining the users’ data as the new coal.


But Cosmic Dolphins is not just a company, it is a movement. It started with us, it will continue with you.

The First Swiss-Made Phone

The Cosmic Dolphins is pleased to present a brand new Swiss Cyber Security Solutions. With 3 levels of security and privacy, adapted to each user. Make your choice and take back the power. We, as Swiss, remain neutral and do not take any data. Do you share our values? become a member of the Cosmic Dolphins community.


Level 50 No Compromise: the best privacy phone, to use every day. Don’t change your habits but let your habits change you. A filter is activated and sends wrong data about your phone to the apps that do not deserve your trust and may want to access your personal information.

Level 70 The Leap: the most secure smartphone on the market. A profound evolution that changes the way the world sees you. You don’t have to worry about your data anymore. Your phone is safe, it does the job. (Coming soon)

Level 90 The One: Most Secure Smartphone, Best Privacy Phone, Encrypted Phone, Untraceable Phone all in one device. Don’t look for it, it’s invisible. Your phone has an Ultimate Fighter setting, you can’t mess up with this phone!
Your cloud will be anonymous. Your emails, chats, storage, calendar, and contacts will be invisible making your phone untrackable. (Coming soon)


Swiss Cyber Security Solutions is Swiss values in a Swiss phone, for the world.


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